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WestBengal Arts Council has taken an endeavour to support the women art communityof West Bengal amidst the pandemic

Kolkata,7th January 2020:  To empower the women art community WICCI WestBengal Arts Council has taken an endeavour to support the women art communityof West Bengal amidst the pandemic situation. With its commitment to preserveand promote local culture, heritage and artwork of the state, West Bengal ArtsLeadership Council haveinitiated a few projects for next three months to support the local women artcommunity amidst this unprecedented time. The team members of the West Bengal Arts Council ofWICCI will lead the projects, which are focusing on different heritageaspects of Bengal. These projects are designed to train and counsel the womenartists, and also to showcase the artwork of the community to the generalpeople. They aspire to empower the women artist community, who had a rough rundue to the pandemic. One of the projects will specifically focus on thepromotion of the Artwork of Kumartuli Artists. The artworkof the women community of Kumartuli will be showcased in the outlet of a brandpartner to boost up sales of these products amid the ongoing pandemic. Inaddition to this, there will be two long-term projects that will include thegrooming and training of artists to sharpen their marketing skillsto survive in the competitive market. Another project will be incollaboration with the Baul community of West Bengal,which intends to help in highlighting the artistry of female Baul singers ofBengal. The other project includes the community that works with Patachitrakatha.WICCIhas taken up all these initiatives to help the women artists by lending themproductive opportunities of earning during uncertain times.   This project aimsto make a sustainable support system for the communities, especially as thispandemic has hit badly. These projects will spark curiosity, interest andcommunity engagement throughout the state. This initiative will support theartisans and elevates the importance of local arts amongst the community.  Speaking on thisoccasion, Reena Dewan, President – West Bengal Arts Council, WICCI, added,“Pandemic situation has caused the biggest threat to the survival of localfemale artisans. It is need of the hour to extend support to showcase theirartwork to the community. We are happy to initiate these projects which willsupport the local women art community during this tough time.” Paromita Ghosh,State Vice President, West Bengal ArtsLeadership Council, has said, ”We aspire to bring the women artists atforefront and supports them during the time of COVID through these projects. Webelieve that these projects will prove to be a sustainable support for thelocal woman artisans.” About West Bengal Arts CouncilBuild a culturallyenriched nation which in addition to acknowledging its diverse nature and alsoprotects all forms of art by supporting the artist in helping them grow whilesafeguarding their rights and ensuring their economic independence,recognition. About WICCIWomen’s IndianChamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) has been established based on ourexperience of ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF), whereinwomen entrepreneurs have greatly benefitted with women’s networking, exchangeand collaborations.

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