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The members of the Joint Platform of Doctors (WBDF, SSU, AHSD, HSA, and DFD) are keenly contesting this year’s WEST BENGAL MEDICAL COUNCIL (WBMC) elections. The last election was in 2013 which unsurprisingly was marred by multiple irregularities. The last committee and office bearers of the WBMC have over the past 5 years systematically destroyed the confidence of the medical practitioners of the state. An unprecedented number of cases in the Honourable High Court have been won by individual doctors challenging the verdicts of the WBMC Disciplinary committee. This clearly reflects the poor decision making skills of the WBMC Disciplinary committees and the questions the calibre professionalism and neutrality of the serving members. Some of the ex-officio-members have clear political affiliations and that in itself prejudices the unbiased nature of the office. WBMC is a quasi judicial body whose sole motive and purpose of is to provide a transparent unbiased body serving the interests of all the common people as well as the medical practitioners in Bengal.

In this backdrop, we have fielded 7 candidates in each categories of Teaching and General group. All our candidates have been high achievers in their individual areas of specialisations. More importantly they have over the years shown exemplary commitment towards upholding neutrality and fairness in the best interest of our noble profession.
Regarding this election, we believe it will be very closely contested. We have undoubtedly committed ourselves to fairness in this contest. However we doubt if such a gesture will be reciprocated from our challengers which is evident from several irregularities that have come to light. We have even approached Honourable High Court to nominate a court appointed observer to oversee this election. We are doubtful if our concerns will be heard by the court before the ink is cast. We have also identified a potential list of over 300 voters in the list who have clearly no rights to vote in this election. A communiqué in this regard has been sent to the office in charge of conducting this election. Interestingly, a campaign method of the opposition has been to coax and command potential voters to submit blank ballots to individual person for filling up later. There is no need to point out that such blatant destruction of election process is detrimental to the essence of democracy. Finally we would urge all voters to cast their ballots themselves, exercise their constitutional rights with prudence and without fear or intimidation. For the sake of democracy we urge all of you to support us in our just cause.

The candidates of the Election and the doctors present to the Meet are as follows:

1)      DR. Rezaul Karim

2)      DR. R. D. dubey

3)      DR.Indrajit Roy

4)      DR. Punyabrato Gun

5)      Prof. Barin Roychoudhury

6)      DR.Hiralal Konar

7)      DR. Hiranmoy Ghoshal

8)      Prof. DR. Amitabha Chakraborty

9)      DR. Bishan Basu

10)  Prof. DR. Anup Roy

11)  Prof. DR. Arnab Sengupta

12)  Prof. DR.Baijanti Basu

13)  Prof. DR,Gautam Das

14)  Prof. DR Bansari Goswami

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