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The journey of Kolkata Angikar started on 2010 with few close friends who wanted to do something for the society .

They wanted to stand with those people who genuinely need a helping hand to live in this beautiful world . Guys saved the money from their earnings and started this organization , Our first activity was in an old age home at Madhyamgram in 2010 . We spent time with our senior citizens there . Initially we started single day activity . Book distribution to financially backward but intelligent students of Pannalal High School in Kalyani on consecutive 2 years i . e . 2011 and 2012 was one of this kind of activity we did . Our first major Work which gave us a lots of happiness and mental satisfaction was related to a small boy named Nayan in the year 2014 – 15 . This 3 years poor boy from Nuntia Village on Howrah Disctict was totally disabled from his lower section of the body . His father was daily labor and didn ‘ t have money for the treatment . We started his medical treatment , worked with physiotherapist , orthopedic for months after months . Now he can stand , walk even he can run . From this activity we realized if we really want to do something for the society , we need to give continuous effort throughout the year . Gradually people from different part of the society or age group started to join with us to be a part of our journey . Our friends , colleagues and relatives come forward to give us the financial support . Till now we don ‘ t get any fund from outside organization except the individual support , Same year we distributed books on Mugkalyan Library , Bagnan . We also distributed wheel chair , tricycles , crutches to physically challenged people in Kalyanpur . On 2016 , we attached with two homes of Mentally disable orphans and physically challenged kids . They are New Age Society For All , Champahati and Ananda Bhawan Jagatpur respectively . We started to work with these homes on their different daily activities like infrastructure , sanitization , and nutrition issues . However our one day activity was also continued side by side . We arranged several lunch programs for these kids of both the homes . We also distributed sports gears , medical box , winter garments etc , Currently we are very active with New age Society for all , Champahati . We are closely working with the Home Super for rehabilitation project of these mentally retired kids . We are providing drawing teacher , started Table Tennis coaching classes as a part of that . We are also working with their nutrition aspect and have started one day milk program where any people can donate one day milk expanse for this children . We are also arranging special lunch behalf of the people who want to celebrate their special days ( Birthday , Anniversary etc ) with these kids , A part from these activities we are also working with Sushbhon Oboitanik Vidyalay students , Ghoramara Ananda Asharam home kids . We are regular visitors of Purulia leprosy patients and distributed food items , daily usable things to them . We are collecting used cloths from the people and distributed among needy person . We have often arranged and distributed medical and surgical equipment ‘ s like hearing aids , crutches , blind sticks , wheelchairs , tri cycles to physically challenged people .

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