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Tensions erupted in Kandir’s Hatapara village over the theft in Bharadupura

In Hatpara village of Gokarna No. 2 gram panchayat under Kandi police station, a dispute broke out with the administration over a burglary at the house of a man named Jeevan Sheikh at noon.
A large police force was deployed at Kandi police station to handle the situation.
The locals claim that Jiban broke the lock of Sekh’s house at around 12 noon and stole gold items including money. No one was in the house at that time, but seeing the thieves roaming around, it is suspected that the villagers and one of the three were caught. And if the police want to come and take the thief to the police station, the villagers demand that I send him to the police station, but it is okay to return all the money and gold that he took.
The police said that action will be taken after investigation.
But the villagers of Nashorbanda say that it will not happen because the infestation of heroin and thieves is increasing day by day in the area. Why no action has been taken so far?
When a heated argument arose over this, a large police force led by IC Subhash Ghosh of Kandi Police Station came and handled the situation.
It is known that the house of these thieves is Beldanga, they were three, one of them has been caught.

Jaidul Sheikh, Kandi


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