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Not only do our songs damage our conscience and values ​​in this dark time ..

We who sing, compose songs, also designers, videographers, sound engineers, recordists, spotboys and many others who are associated with that huge field of work are also unemployed … There is no show for months, there is no new place to work .. Our friends are in a helpless situation …. At this time I am on my way to beg from Abhijit Sabba … Gaurab Sarkar, Chandrika Bhattacharya are singing ten songs written and composed by Abhijit. , Gurujit Singh, Pata, Rishita Saha, Raktim Chowdhury (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021), Jyoti Sharma (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021) Nabarun Bose (Anupam Roy Band) Tanmoy Biswas, Shimili Basu, Chandan Chakraborty, .Deepta, Swarnav Including many more .. I still hope we will hold hands with our friends in this dark time …. Ten original songs, several musicians have joined this project … Name “Abhijit’s Ten Country”. The music arrangement of the songs has been done by Shubhashis Biswas. Whoever thinks this is the birth of this “land of ten” … who can be saved from death The first thing that comes to mind is … there are Sudhendu, Rahul Sarkar, many more.
News Only support us .. with several new composers and arrangers “Abhijit’s ten countries.”

Was present today
Rupankar Bagchi
Ranjan Prasad
Kunal Saha
Seema Debnath

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