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Korean pop culture, the next big thing India seeks

Back in 2012, India’s obsession with Gangnam Style made it look like the young nation’s love for Korean pop music had hit a crescendo. But even seven years since the blockbuster music video got the nation grooving, Indian millennials’ passion for what they call K-Pop refuses to die down. On the contrary, the admiration for Korean content in general has grown by leaps and bounds.

The proliferating demand for Korean pop music and teenage dramas in India is proof that what started with Psy’s Gangam style wasn’t a fling. Indian millennials are set to have a full-fledged relationship with Korean content. The appetite for Korean content has reached a fever pitch in India. Believe it or not, the audience has become so intrigued with Korea’s pop culture that they have started learning the language so that they understand the K-Dramas and K-Pop songs better!

 The all-consuming commitment of these fans to Korean content has finally paid off as access to these shows and music albums has become easier. Online entertainment platforms, event management firms, and technology giants have started catering to the soaring demand for Korean content in India.

Some of the online content streaming platforms have invested in a whole series of Romantic Korean movies and TV shows. Recently, Samsung introduced a wide range of Korean content on their ‘My Galaxy’ App for Indian users. International blockbuster K-drama titles like Jugglers, Queen for Seven Days and Manhole are exclusively available on the app. Samsung has gone a step ahead in providing its users access to over 750 K-Pop songs of top artists and bands such as BTS, Exo, BTOB, and MONSTA-X on its ‘My Galaxy’ App.
With the escalating popularity of the Korean content in India, several famous bands and artists are also touring India to satiate the demand for Korean content amongst users. Just last week, K-Pop band IN2IT performed to packed venues in Mumbai and Delhi.
But why does Korean content strike such a cord with millennials in India? Why didn’t this fascination simply fizzle out just like the many other pop culture waves did earlier? The answer lies in the fact that millennials from India and Korea come from similar backgrounds. Millennials from either country are rooted in tradition. And at the same time, they are headstrong and creative. So, song lyrics as well as teenage romance dramas from Korea are extremely relatable for Indian youth. Their loyalty to this content, then, is hardly surprising. But if you are one of those who is yet to find out what all the fuss is about, it is the time for you to check out some of these online streaming  platforms like Netflix or simply visit Samsung’s ‘My Galaxy’ app.

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