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Dr, Soumya Bhattacharya is lighting up his life

Blood cancer in many cases , is a controllable disease , but most people get afraid about this like other cancer . Besides treatment , counseling is needed . In these circumstances like every year Dr . Soumyo Bhattarcharya , eminent hematologist and head of the department of hemato – oncology , Apollo Gleneagles hospital Kolkata organizes Blood Cancer Survivors meet at Rotary Sadan Kolkata , on behalf of Picnic Garden Lila Seva Society . This meet is named Ujjibon – 2019 . The idea is to take the patients and their relatives away from the depression , anxiety , fear of a cancer hospital , and expose them to a world of amusement , hope and enjoyment . In this gathering the patients and eminent artists , perform at same stage . The overall impression is the victory of the hope and optimism over depression and defeatism . About hundreds of patients have been present to this meet . In the survivor Meet , the patients and their relatives share their experience of war against this disease . After this meet , the cultural program has been performed with full of joy . Blood cancer is a dreaded disease . However , today many patients conquer the war of these cancers due to advancement of modern medicine and the latest treatment including Chemo Therapy and bone marrow transplant ( BMT ) . it is indeed possible to cure such patients , prolong survival and return to a good number of blood cancer victims to normal life . In Ujjiban 2019 , a cohort of such blood cancer victims would be presented , who have faced their struggle calmly overcome this bad patch of life and are leading long productive life . They would be felicited on behalf of Lila Seva Society and share their experience . DR . Soumya Bhattacharya has said that ‘ Ujjiban ‘ is a program that celebrates their fight not only with disease but also with the uncountable social and economic obstacles . Such type of survivor meet inspires the patients and their families to fight against cancer .

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