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Bujhini Emon Hobe Music Release

Bujhini Emon Hobe is Directed by- Chinmoy Das(Rana) and Produced by – Gopal Krishna saha under the
banner of Ultrashine Entertainment. It has a starcast like Rahul singh(nil) kharaj Mukherjee Sabyasachl
Chakraborty, Sumit Samaddar Meghna Halder and others. The. Story by-Prithiraj & nibir Music is by
Nibir. versatile singers like Jubin nautiyal, Kumar Sanu, Akash Sen, June banerjee and Mh Rizvi(bangladesh) has lent their voice.

This is a story of a dhaki and his son Rahul. One day Rahul met an accident and lost his sight. He got
admitted to a blind school for completing his study and he grew up there. One day in a school ceremony
he was gifted a mobile phone by someone. After thata few days later he got a missed call on his cell
phoneAs he can’t see who is calling you he was just able to listen. It was a lady on the phone and within
a few days a love relationship developed between themafter that they got married, but a few days
later, his wife cheated on him and ran away from home with a very valuable specious material.
In that case Rahul got very upset and decided to commit suicideAnd at that point of time Dr. Sanyal
(Sabysachi Chakraborty), a well known doctor, rescued him and took him to his house in Kolkata, and he
found out that Rahul has a good singing voice so, he took him to his friend who is a music director. The
music director along with his sister teach him and eventually he becomes a famous singer. In between the music directors sister fell for Rahul and she helped him to get his eye treatment with the help of Dr Sanyal (Sabyasachi Chakraborty). One day in a party, she proposes to Rahul, but Rahul refuses and he
tells her all his past history. On the other side Rahui’s past wife who had run away, has come to Rajan’s
(villain) den. Actually Rajan posted her in Rahul’s life, as she has a problem regarding her sister’s
treatment. So she has done this regarding some money related issues, but she loved Rahul though she had an intention to cheat him and grab the valuable material. After that it gets revealed how she gets
rescued by D.S.P. Vishal Sinha, on the other hand Rahuls father, who was busy finding his son, came
across a live concert and saw his son on the posters, but he didnt know that his son has got his eyes
back, so he had a strong belief that when his son would hear the the sound of the dhak he would come
to his father so, he went to the place where the show would take place along with his dhak. Post the
concert, Rahuls father started play his dhak, crying, and his son came to him and saying “baba jano ami
sob dekte pachhi”. Climax.

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