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Are they not people who work in the media? Today when the bride faced rape

Many women in the media are constantly facing cyber bullying. Are they not people who work in the media? Wow, what a beautiful comment when Parimani is seeking justice after facing rape today.

Those who are giving examples are why Parimani went there at 12 o’clock at night. It is normal for a heroine to go to different birthdays, parties, programs. You know what Even if a married man has sex against his wife, it is a form of rape. And it would be a crime to go to a party and threaten to rape and kill someone.

In a word, there is a big difference between agreeing or doing something by force. Whether you want to be a prostitute or a prostitute, you can’t do anything with her. You never have that right. And here the issue of a well-known heroine has come up. According to Parimani, after going to the club, some people including Nasir Uddin Mahmud tried to force her to do something. He even threatened to cut her into 300 pieces and throw her into the river.

Finally, I would like to say that our society does not lack such people who are forced to suffer. All of them are getting relief by abusing their power in one way or another. If such an incident could happen with a familiar face like a heroine, then think about how it works with the ordinary girl of our society. If we avoid this kind of bad work, more will happen in the future.

So the request to everyone is to at least want her to be judged in her favor even if she is considered an ordinary girl instead of a heroine now. Maybe the names of the big raghabboyals will come out. Can’t we stand by the side of the bride? And anyway the girl’s mind is much better. No matter what he does outside, you can’t understand the amount of help he gives to people every year without seeing it with his own eyes. We want a fair investigation and trial of this incident. As if no girl has to face such incidents in the future at all.

Not everyone can dare to say everything !!
Pori Moni has shown courage ……

I strongly protest against what happened to Pari Moni and demand justice for the exemplary incident !!

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