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Annual state conference, West Bengal Academy of Paediatrics, (WBAP) has been organised a special conference today

After grand success of 37th WB PEDIACON 2018, the Annual state conference, West Bengal Academy of Paediatrics, (WBAP) has been organised a special conference today – ‘Summer CME’ to continue the update of current Medical science to its members and delegates at Hotel gateway Kolkata.

About 250 child specialists and neonatologists have been attended to this knowledge fist as delegates and national & International faculties. They have been discussed to the latest generation treatment of new born & children in all branches of medical science in the scientific programs.

Vaccination is a compulsory part of life in new born to children. The latest Guidelines of Indian Academy of Paediatrics has been published in December 2018. The present faculties and doctors have discussed to the new and latest vaccines as well as the changes in methods of due vaccination. DR. Pallab Chatterjee, Secretary, west Bengal Academy of Paediatrics has said that vaccination Programs will be successful not only by the doctors but also by active participation of the people and proper mass awareness and care. Small pox and Polio type-II have been eradicated from the world, now globally projects have been taken to eradicate measles and rubella. New medicine and techniques are also used in traditional vaccination too. For example in one & half month’s age, new born may be vaccinated by five in one vaccine where vaccines of five diseases are pushed by a single injection. It kindly may be seen that Advisory Committee on vaccines & immunization (ACVIP) is the highest body of Policy maker of India on Vaccine and immunization. DR. Balasubramanian has discussed today on the current update of the Indian Vaccination Policy recommended by ACVIP.
In this modern age, all are fast – even foods. All scientists and doctors have said that regular food habit with fast food, junk food, various branded juices, soft drinks and energy drinks are not for good health. But in this age of Market Economy, the attraction of them cannot be fully refused; especially these are very much attractive to the children. In this situation, DR. Professor Pijush Gupta, renowned National Faculty has lectured on a guideline of use of these and their adverse effect.
Besides these DR. Balasubramanian and DR. Arun Manglik has discussed to the treatment of children when the antibiotic has been failed. DR. joydeep Choudhury has said that the discussion with demonstration on the latest treatment of Epilepsy, allergy, sexual disorder of children and many other subjects have been done to this Conference. A discussion on ‘universal Health Coverage for everyone in everywhere’ and a quiz of doctors on medical problems and their solutions of new born and children are also made in this program. DR. Mousumi Nandi renowned paediatrician and President of WBAP have said that such programs are very much helpful to update the doctors which indirectly help to the people too.

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