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West Bengal Doctors Forum (WBDF) on an important announcement to the strategy for the next election of West Bengal Medical Council and farther movement against the hazards on the West Bengal Health Care

On 3rd April 2018 the Honb’le Chief Minister, Minister of H & FW met the representatives of different doctor’s organisation. She made a few promises which was to be fulfilled in a time bound manner- 1) Medicare 2009 will be enforced immediately. 2) All Clinical Establishments and traffic kiosks will adorn a notice reminding people not to vandalise hospital and assault doctors and health care workers as it will attract punishment under Medicare 2009. 3) No doctor will be harassed by the administration and police and will not be arrested on a mere complaint. 4) WBCEA 2017 will be amended to address the grievance of the doctors. 5) WBCERC will not harass any doctors. 6) Chief Minister will give strong message against violence in health care.

Unfortunately the government has fulfilled none of these commitments. Violence on doctors is everyday occurrence in which even senior police officers and ruling party politicians are involved. None of them have been arrested; even no FIR was accepted by police. Pratul Mahato or Pulak Duttas are roaming freely while doctors are arrested on flimsy grounds. The traffic kiosks or hospital notice boards have no cautionary notice, neither the Chief Minister gave any stern message to the general public. CERC continues its defamatory tactics by transgressing its mandate. It also suffers from conflict of interest. It has members from private sector which the government wishes to control and even more than one member from a family. Government didn’t find time to amend propose to amend WBCEA 2017. The 6monthly review meeting with doctors is also conveniently forgotten.
In this backdrop it is not possible for doctors to continue to work in an atmosphere of gross injustice, administrative and bureaucratic terrorism and institutional prejudice against the medical community. If the rule of law and Justice eludes the medical community, safety at workplace violated time and again, we will be left with no other options but to resort to steps which may be doom spelling for the entire society as a whole. The constitution upholds our right to dignity and safety and it remains the sacred duty of the state to ensure the same.
For West Bengal Doctors Forum, Dr. Arjun Dasgupta Dr. Rezaul Karim Dr. Sujit Sinha Dr. Koushik Lahiri Dr. Binayak Chanda and Dr. Sunandan Basu have been present to the press Meet at Press club Kolkata and addressed the press.

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