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You are well aware of the heinous incident that took place

29.08.2018 evening, when Dr Srinivas, a second year DNB PG trainee was openly assaulted without any provocation by one police officer Sri Pulak Kumar Dutta, OC, Jadavpur CMRI hospital. This person was admitted day before after allegedly sustaining trauma at home and was successfully operated upon next morning with a plan to be discharged day after. This shocking incident blatantly exposes the attitude of the police personnel towards the Health Care professionals in the state.
In the period of last one and a half year, there have been about 150 cases of physical assaults on the Doctors & other health care staffs throughout the state. Sadly, the administration has failed miserably to stop such incidents and neither has any perpetrators being brought to justice in accordance with the laid down laws. Most of these culprits have political connections or otherwise from influential quarters.
During our meeting with the Honorable Chief Minister on 2nd of April,2018 at Nabanna, she had in no uncertain terms directed the DGP and the CP to sensitize the general population about the ill effects of Violence in Health Care institutes and directed to ensure stern and exemplary punishment in all such cases. In spite of that, assaults both Physical & Verbal have spiralled all over the state. The Medical professionals feel threatened, scared and are morally shattered to carry out patient care services in their respective areas of work. In this perspective it is worth to note that in recent times the Kolkata Police had come out with public communique which stated that any violence on Doctors tantamount to criminal offence with a jail term of up to 10 years. We are bewildered to know that in the CMRI incident, Mr. Pulak Kumar Dutta, O.C Jadavpur P.S who has violated the law is yet to be charged, nor any FIR lodged (either by the hospital authorities or suo-moto by the local P.S till now).

A complaint could finally be lodged by the victim with the OC Alipore and by the administration with the DC South today evening. Though an assurance has been given by the officials that this will be treated as a FIR, we will remain vigilant about its implementation and the due legal process followed.
Joint Platform of Doctors calls upon the Police administration to arrest him under West Bengal Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence & Damage to Property) Act, 2009 and other non-bailable sections of IPC. We also demand to the Government that this person be immediately suspended from service and terminated after the due course of law. It should also be made mandatory for all Administrative heads of Clinical Establishments (Government & Private) to lodge formal complaints to the appropriate authorities including the Police whenever the safety of the employees is violated.
It is shameful to note that the law keepers have turned to be aggressors – Dear CP Sir, do you approve of this action of your colleagues?If yes, please take down those hoardings from all hospitals immediately or else initiate and ensure exemplary punishment of the accused. We on behalf of the Joint Platform of Doctors categorically state that if no visible action is taken within Monday, 3rd August 2018, when a rally will be organized from CMRI to Alipore P.S., we will also be left with no other option but to escalate our agitation as we deem fit depending on the steps taken in the intervening period, which may be doom spelling for healthcare scenario in the state.

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