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The river water is completely blocked by putting cotton traps in the river and illegal fishing is going on day after day

Joydeep Maitra, South Dinajpur: Some influential fishermen of the area have been accused of illegally blocking the Tangan Kharsrota in the Bangshihari block of South Dinajpur district.

Residents of the area have long complained that some unscrupulous fish traders in the area, with the help of administration officials, have blocked the flood waters of the river in the hope of making more profit by “putting cotton” along the middle of the river.

As a result, the current flow of the river is being disrupted, and at the same time the number of fish in the river is declining at a very fast rate as a result of catching all the fish together.

As a result of these illegal cables blocking the normal running speed of the Tangan River, the water pressure is causing the river banks to erode day by day. The local administration is unaware of all the complaints of the residents.

Residents allege that the process of catching illegal fish has been going on for a long time due to the secret collusion of the local administration with the illegal fish traders.

Environmentalists in the area have questioned how some unscrupulous fish traders have set up such illegal businesses day after day, despite the fact that any river is a government property.

Immediately after the incident, local BDO Sudeshna Pal said, “I will take strict action against the accused.”

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