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The Curtain Raiser of the Second Edition of “Rubaru Mrs. India”.

Kolkata, 18th June, 2019: Rubaru Mrs. India is a pan India initiative by i-Glam. What sets this beauty pageant apart from the others is that this pageant just doesn’t talk about beauty, but also about the heinous crimes happening in the society. Though this is the second edition of Rubaru Mrs. India, i-Glam has brought this to Kolkata for the very first time. As the tagline says, “Beauty with Responsibility”, the pageant has shown a social responsibility towards creating awareness about crimes like Female Foeticide and Domestic Violence. The pageant committee invites applicants from every walk of life and especially those who have fallen prey to domestic violence.

Ddevjani Mitra, Managing Director, i-Glam said, “We believe that womanhood is the symbol of Shakti. Even in the age of globilisation crimes like child marriage, domestic violence, dowry system, etc are happening in the society. This is not just prevalent in the rural areas with lack of education but also in the cities and among the richer sections of the society. Some women take the courage to fight back but some get scared due to the rules of patriarchy. So, if through this initiative we can extend our help to even a few women if not all, we will think that we have been successful in reaching the goal. Other than the pageant we also have a few awareness programs coming up which we will let you all know about soon”.

Joyii Sen, the State Director for Rubaru Mrs. India said, “We definitely want women to be empowered, but not just by talking about it. We want them to cross the hurdles on their way and make a fresh start. Family is definitely important, but never by forgetting self. One should nevergive up on one’s own dreams just to be an ideal mother, ideal wife or an ideal figure. A balanced relation can also make ideal woman. An ideal mother is the one who teaches her child to be strong and good human being. If the trend of giving up on dreams continues to persist then it will never get eradicated because that’s what children will grow up thinking and execute the same in lives. So, this has to end somewhere for the children to learn what’s right, and that being a housewife should just be a choice and not a compulsion. So, we are extending our hands through Rubaru Mrs. India, to women who want to restart their career”.

Talking about the pageant Designer Sharbari Dutta said, “Being associated with the fashion industry, I have been associated with many competitions, but Rubaru Mrs. India is one of a kind. It is hard to find a pageant that fights against such causes. It is a fact that beauty comes in any age, shape or size, but, a lot of women post marriage give up on their beauty habits due to lack of time and family issues. So, it is my earnest request to them to treat themselves as individuals with own dreams and goals, and start working out to achieve the same. It never too late if you are determined’.

Designer Indroneel Das was quoted saying, “We can’t just keep on blaming the society for anything that goes wrong. Society definitely has to change but that will happen only with education and proper awareness. All of us can put in little effort to create awareness at levels possible for us. A society is made of several individuals and not anything else. So, if we start taking steps at home and create self awareness or a lot of issues will be solved. Just like charity, social awareness also begins at home. In this respect i-Glam and Rubaru have taken a great initiative to help women with self awareness. Women have to stand up for themselves first and only then others will realize their worth and to create self awareness women have to treat themselves as individuals and not as family’s assets”.

Fashion Designer Debashree Das said, “A lot of obstacles come on your way if you are woman and especially if you are married. However, a lot also depends on how you as an individual deal with that. I fyou give up then people making your life difficult will tend to think you weak and go on pressurizing you about silly things. The natural tendency of nature is survival of the fittest. So, we have to decide whom to make fitter, “Me” or “Them”? I am sure that this sort of an initiative by i-Glam and Rubaru, will really help some women if not all to leave the obstacles back take one little step towards exploring self”.

About i-Glam: i-Glam is an institution that provides personality developments to people from various industries including marketing, fashion, hospitality, etc. i-Glam believes that a well built personality is all that one needs, whatever be his/her profession. A well built personality and confidence is the key to success at every step of life.

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