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Thalassemia, leukemia or various other Blood diseases, some of whom are known as blood cancer, in many cases

Thalassemia, leukemia or various other Blood diseases, some of whom are known as blood cancer, in many cases, is controllable disease now, but most people get afraid about this like other cancer. Due to advancement of modern Medical Science, the children affected by major thalassemia and also from other blood diseases may lead almost normal life in many cases. But besides treatment, counseling of patients, their parents and relatives are also needed too. In these circumstances ‘Kolkata Hematology Education and Research Initiative (KHERI)’ have been worked with them in the last few years. It is an organization of patients and survivors of various blood diseases along with their families. Today KHERI have organized a Meet of such patients, their parents, families, relatives, doctors, medical staff and other related persons at Shishir Mancho Kolkata. The program is followed by a cultural function. DR. Rajib Dey, Eminent Hematologist, NRS Medical College & Hospital kolkata has said that The idea is to take the patients and their relatives away from the depression, anxiety, fear of hospital, and expose them to a world of amusement, hope and enjoyment. In this gathering the patients and eminent artists, perform at same stage. The overall impression is the victory of the hope and optimism over depression and defeatism. About hundreds of patients have been present to this meet. In the survivor Meet, the patients and their relatives share their experience of war against this disease. After this meet, the cultural program has been performed with full of joy.

Blood cancer is a dreaded disease and thalassemia is congenital. Today many patients conquer the war against these diseases due to advancement of modern medicine and the latest treatment including Chemo Therapy and bone marrow transplant (BMT). It is indeed possible to cure such patients, prolong survival and return to a good number of blood cancer victims to normal life. This program is the celebrations of their fight not only with disease but also with the uncountable social and economic obstacles. Such type of program inspires the patients and their families to fight against these diseases.

DR. Pradip Mitra, Director Medical Services, DR. Tamal kanti Ghosh, Special Secretary, Medical Education service Dept. of health & FW, Government of West Bengal and Bhaskar Ganguly emanate veteran footballer of Bengal will grace the occasion by their august presence and participated to the program.

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