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Rising Care arrange Doctors at home at critical time as well as on a regular basis

The young generation have been lived in far other cities for professional bindings or other reasons and the elders have become the only residents of home. The average life span has also increased due to improvement of modern medical science. So in this respect in many cases these senior and super senior citizens need help and companion. The society has been changed age to age and requirements have been solved by new ways. So a new concept of a bigger joint family has been developed which is spread all over the city – these are geriatric home care services! Among them Rising Care is one of the pioneer in Kolkata. It is stared from 2013, now its members are more than Four hundred. Man cannot be satisfied only by his minimum necessities; food, Medical services and submission of electric bill are not life, real & healthy life need few more! In this point of view, Rising Care organizes some programs for pleasure of its elder members, today’s Annual Meet along with cultural program & picnic is also a part of these events.

Home is the most comfortable place to the people. But in some cases due to some unavoidable situations elder people have to live their last part of life in old days home. But the home care service providers like Rising Care service all type of comforts to our parents and grandparents in their home! It is their Specialities. Not only all medical and non-medical services, the officials of Rising Care also care their psychological sides too. The main services are provided by Rising care are:

Rising Care arrange Doctors at home at critical time as well as on a regular basis
Take our members to Doctor’s chamber
Rising Care Managers visit our members on a regular basis and to check their vitals like BP, Pulse, Oxygen saturation, sugar, ECG- All at home.
Arrange all kinds of pathological tests at home
A group of Specialized and experienced physiotherapists are always at the service of our members at home. Post-operative and Post stroke, Neurological, all kinds of joint related physiotherapy have been made.
Nutritional/Diet related regular counseling of elderly members has been done.
Spending quality time with our members. Psychological counseling is also done for members. Special care has also been taken for Dementia and Alzheimer too.

Arrangement of ambulance @24X7. Assistance has been provided during Hospitalization and Discharge from hospital.
Provide 12 hours/24 hours trained Female or Male nurse for post-surgical care, Urine Catheterization, Injections (IV, IM, SC), IV infusions, Ryle’s tube feeding. Provide 12 hours/24 hours experienced Female attendant
Submit all kinds of utility bills. Arrange and submit life certificate for our members. Provide service for Bank related jobs, and pension assistance
Assistance for Mediclaim follow ups
Assistance for CGHS medicine supply/Regular medicine supply at home
Skype assistance with children
Arrangement of social gathering
Escort our members to temples, malls, cinema, yoga classes
Arrangement of ICU at home
Medical equipment available at rent/sale ( Oxygen Concentrator, Pulse Oximeters, Suction Machines, Multi parameter Monitors, Wheel chairs, Walkers, Hospital Beds, Air Mattresses, Nebulizers)).
Today’s annual Meet along with cultural program and picnic has been successful by participation of near about 100 elder members along with all associated doctors, medical and nonmedical persons of the organization at Elachi, Narendrapur Kolkata.
For farther details contact: 9038077784, also may view our website

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