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National television with Vh1 hailing a victory for Indie music!

Tanya Sen, band’s lead vocalist, speaks about Popcult’s debut single C Funk being aired on Vh1, the inspiration behind their first debut single, and new revitalisation opportunities for the band.
Funk as a genre has its roots in Africa.It has been a form of expression amongst African American artists primarily that uses brisk Melody lines and a composite polyrhythmic yet snappy rhythm structure ,encouraging brisk dance movement.Funk is also a form where the pride of the African American artists were also portrayed as they took the world over.Artists like Bootsy Collins or James Brown took the world by storm with their music.Funk became synonymous with “Attitude”.
Back home in Kolkata, similar resonances are heard from our very own Popcult.Their debut single C Funk reeks of classic Funk with an undertone of alternative music,even in the song writing . It features Tanya Sen on Vocals, Mainak Nag Chowdhury on Bass, John Paul on Guitars, Gaurab Chatterjee on Drums , Dominic Saldanha on Keys and features  Saurav Chatterjee on Congas and other percussion and effects.
This single is an unadulterated deluge of musical influences, stretching from jazz to dance to funk. C Funk is a journey in itself, which demonstrates the power of interwoven bass and guitar patterns. C-funk from POPCULT captures and celebrates the warmth of Calcutta perfectly.
This song pronounces a beautiful and soothing melody carried perfectly by lead vocalist Tanya Sen. In a candid interview she speaks how it feels to be aired on Vh1 and answers many other curiosities.
Question: How does it feel to be on Vh1 that too with your debut release?
Tanya Sen: Being on Vh1 immediately gives you nationwide coverage, and it feels absolutely surreal! I don’t think we could have asked for more. 
Question: Why Funk?
Tanya Sen: All of us in the band love dance music. Actually, this was the exact idea behind the formation of POPCULT. You can’t play dance music and not play funk. Simple! 
Question: Why is the song called C Funk? Any specific reason? 
Tanya Sen: C Funk stands for Calcutta Funk which captures the warmth and positivity embalming Calcutta as a city. Personified in this song here as an artist, who not only lifts you from your daily boredom and subjugation to negativity but also inspires you to believe in Love, Brotherhood, Forgiveness and the Sacred World of Funk Music. This song is born out of love, tolerance, positivity and hope. 
Question: Who Are Your Biggest Influences?
Tanya Sen: There are many but to name a few – Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai, Al Jarreau, Tower of Power, Sade. 
Question: Can you share a few moments of excitement that happened while you were making the song? Any particular incident or incidents that were game-changing?
Tanya Sen: The song making process is always magical. We all sit together and keep playing the song over and over until it feels right. Arrangements are made, fresh new perspectives and ideas are incorporated.
All of this is extremely exciting! C funk happened literally in 4 days. 
We were approached by a fashion brand who wanted to shoot us and use an original track of ours. Bumpy da has written this tune a while back, but we collectively worked on it for a couple of days and hit the studio. The whole process was super organic, and honestly had it not been for the deadline we wouldn’t have been able to make a new tune, arrange the design and record it in 4 days. 
Question: Do you think “watching” a song is more powerful than “Listening” to a song? What do you think is the audience pattern in today’s world of the Internet? How are you coping with changing modern trends?
Tanya Sen: In 2019, YES the Audiences are always looking for a complete audiovisual experience. In today’s day, we have to push more than what we had to do in the past. There’s such good content being produced every day around the world that the bar keeps getting higher and higher. Internet got the world closer, so there is no regional or national standard anymore, every content must be internationally comparable. 
Question: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Tanya Sen: We are working on new material. Hopefully, by the end of the year we will be able to release it. 

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