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Jasper Motors Files Patent Infringement Suit Worth Rs.3000 CrAgainst The West Bengal & Delhi Transport Department

Kolkata, 01st March, 2019: Jasper wMotors which is an inventor and patent holder of e – rickshaws have filed a patent infringement suit before Hon’ble Calcutta High Court claiming damages of Rs. 3000 Cr. against the listed manufacturers / exporters / importers of whole India.
This came to light when the West Bengal & Delhi transport department attempted to issue registrations and / or issued registrations to the e-rickshaw companies whose registrations have been cancelled by the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court by order dated: 21.04.2017 and upheld by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India by order dated: 08.05.2017 is nothing but an attempt to garner votes from the innocent people.
It is learnt from a reliable source that Patent of e-rickshaws have been granted to Kanishk Sinha Director of Jasper Motors in the year 2012 w.e.f 02.05.2005, having its corporate office, at HM Plaza, 8, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata- 700 017, (WB). By virtue of its patented right none but it has the sole monopoly to manufacture, sell or export or even give it in lease their patented e-rickshaws exclusively.
It is also further learnt that, this patent right have been under challenged by some vested interested persons or companies due to reasons only known to them. But the order of injunction was not vacated and / or cancelled HENCE it is unbecoming for the state governments to initiate such steps for granting registration which is full of frauds. It is also to be stated that, as per supreme court verdict after 1 year of patent grant the patent will gain finality and it cannot be challenged and process will be crystallized i..e, date of grant is 28.12.2012 finality on 28.12.2013 but in the present case those companies challenging the same in the year 2017 which is totally illegal and against Supreme Court mandate.
Speaking over the issue Mr Kanishk Sinha, Director, Jasper Motors will help all e – rickshaw owners for getting compensation of Rs 2 lakh from the said illegal companies and for the same Jasper Motors have filled a writ petition in the High Court being W.P. 3019(W) OF 2019 which will come up for hearing on 04.03.2019 before Hon’ble Justice Sekhar B. Saraf hence any affected person may contact us and they will be helped free of cost.
Speaking over the issue Mrs. Lipika Das Sinha, Director, Jasper Motors, said, “The state government of West Bengal and the state government of Delhi circulations to issue registrations to e-rickshaw companies whose registrations were cancelled in violation and is a clear contempt of the two Hon’ble Courts in India. It has clearly shown their arrogance to the rule of law. They don’t care the aftermath of such actions to be faced by the innocent people for the sake of their votes.Hence, the general public is cautioned to be very careful of these two governments unscrupulous attempt and guard themselves from falling prey to their nefarious political designed to get votes. Lastly, don’t be gullible and fall prey to their evil designed.”
Speaking over the issue Mrs. Lipika Das Sinha, Director, Jasper Motors also informed that, the Jasper Motors is going to launch an open network by which the people will get registered and legal patent licensed e – rickshaws hence people are advised accordingly.
About Jasper Motors
The Jasper Motors Private Limited is a private limited company and floated by entrepreneurs namely Kanishk Sinha & Mrs. Lipika Das Sinha in the year 2010 and are the exclusive right / patent holder of Electric rickshaws (also known as electric tuk-tuks or e-rickshaws) have been becoming more popular in some cities since 2008 as an alternative to auto rickshaws and pulled rickshaws because of their low fuel cost, and less human effort compared to pulled rickshaws. They are being widely accepted as an alternative to petrol/diesel/CNG auto rickshaws. They are 3 wheelers pulled by an electric motor ranging from 650-1400 Watts. They are mostly manufactured in India and China, only a few other countries manufacture these vehicles.Battery-run rickshaws could be a low-emitter complementary transport for the low-income people, who suffer most from a lack of transport facility, if introduced in a systematic manner according to experts.

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