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Heart disease, especially cardio vascular disease is now one of the most common diseases in our country

Today young persons are also suffered from this disease too. According to WHO, if it is so happened, soon it will be epidemic in Indian Sub-continent. In this perspective, Cardiology Update on AMRICON-19, the Annual Conference and Academic Feast of Medical India is very much important, which is held on 8th and 9th June 2019 at ITC Sonar in Kolkata. It is an interesting and comprehensive 2 days long program on Complex Coronary Interventions and the latest treatment with new device in front of National and International faculties along with delegates coming from all over India. AMRI Hospitals Group hope the knowledge to be gathered will enlighten the cardiologists, healthcare professionals and others involved in cardiac interventions, research and therapeutics. The conference discussions will provide participants an unique opportunity for face to face interactions and tutorials to learn and enrich oneself not to mention the sharing of knowledge enfolding the updates, breakthroughs and solutions to interventional cardiology and the development of the common protocols.
All over India now it is proved that Kolkata is one of the best places for Heart treatment. Today we have achieved the milestone of Heart transplant too. DR. P K Hazra has said that In Kolkata AMRI Hospital is the pioneer for introduction of latest devices and procedures of cardiac treatment. In this year, in this two day’s conference, much importance has been given to this new and latest treatment and devices for interventional cardiac treatment. But mass awareness and care of the people on this ground is very much necessary first. Dr. Sumantra Chatterjee, of AMRI Hospitals has said that every moment is important in cardiac emergency or at the time of heart attack and proper decision and latest treatment is very much essential to save the life of the patient in this golden hour. DR. Soumitra Roy has stated that the lectures on clinical cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, discovery of new drugs, new stent device, new methods of procedure and present Complex & challenging Cases have been delivered by the renowned National Faculties of the country. Various Workshops are also held in this conference. For AMRI Hospital MR. Rajesh Parekh has said in his lecture that, like before AMRI always support the all type of new method treatment to save the life of the patients. In the long journey, Hospital has been is always sympathetic to the people and try to serve best service and treatment to the patients.

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