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Over 11,000 people were trained by renowned Heart Care and Lifestyle Expert Dr. Bimal Chhajer, MD, Former Consultant of AIIMS, New Delhi through these camps

Kolkata, 6th December 2018
Emami Foundation achieved the feat of conducting 100 Heart Camps through which more than 11,000 heart patients and their families have been educated and trained about “Heart Attack Prevention and Reversal Methods” over a period of thirteen years.
Since December 2005, Emami Foundation has been relentlessly conducting these camps under the guidance and tutelage of Dr. Bimal Chhajer, MD, Former Consultant of AIIMS, New Delhi to make people aware about the causes of heart disease and ways of preventing them in non-invasive manner through rectification of one’s lifestyle and diet.
To mark this occasion of the completion of the 100th Heart Care Camp, Emami Foundation in association with Vishwa Jagriti Mission, Kolkata will organize a special Health Exhibition titled “Heart Attack Proof” at Ananda Dham, 34A CN Roy Road, Picnic Gardens on Saturday, 8th of December 2018 from 11 am. On this occasion, Dr. Bimal Chhajer is also going to deliver a special public talk on prevention of heart attack from 3-5 pm on the same day. Entry to the Exhibition and Seminar is free and open to all.
Dr. Bimal Chajjer, Renowned Heart Care and Lifestyle Expert, Former Consultant of AIIMS, New Delhi and author of more than 70 books on heart and health care, informed that “Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer disease in India killing around 9000 people per day on an average. There are about 8-10 crore heart patients currently in India which is the highest in the world who if guided properly can save themselves from heart attack with 98% rate of surety through non-invasive manner. They only need to rectify their lifestyle and diet by cooking fat free meals, avoiding animal foods, stopping habits like smoking / consuming tobacco, practicing Yoga and walking at least for 35 minutes every day. These simple life practices should help these people to lower Cholesterol to 130mg/dl, Triglycerides to 100mg/dl, control Blood Pressure to 120/80 mm Hg and blood sugar to 6.5% HbA1c.”
Mr. Sushil Kr. Goenka, Trustee, Emami Foundation, said on this occasion, “Emami Foundation, has been an active propagator of Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention of Heart Diseases since 2005 under the able guidance of Dr. Bimal Chajjer. Today, we are happy to have completed conducting of the 100th health care camp. Apart from visiting our awareness exhibition “Heart Attack Proof” today, visitors will also get the facility of free health check-up. Emami Foundation under the aegis of its founder fathers Shri R S Agarwal and R S Goenka has been relentlessly engaged in various other CSR projects in the field of Education, Skill Development, Women Empowerment and Ayurveda based healthcare solutions, thus touching lives of more 2.10 lakh people across the country.”
Emami’s CSR partner Saaol (Science and Art of Living), world’s biggest chain of noninvasive cardiology clinics, with more than 75 branches in 62 cities has developed a simple chart called Saaol Safety Circle which can help people being “Heart Attack Proof”. Emami under its CSR initiative has also been implementing an initiative called “National Program for Prevention and Eradication of Heart Attack” (NPPEHA) in association with Saaol Heart Center. Under this project, a new age Mobile App SHARAS (Simplified Heart Risk Assessment and Rectification App by Saaol), has also been developed to help the young generation with ways and means to avoid heart attacks and ailments.

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