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Binge Baefikar Celebrates Valentine’s Day in Kolkata

Plays Host to a Candle Light Dinner in Open Air

Kolkata, February 22, 2020:  Binge Baefikar, a healthy food Start up brand celebrated Valentine’s Day in Kolkata in its true spirit. Unveiled in November last year, by Anisha Mohta, a young food entrepreneur in presence of Actor Prasenjit, Binge Baefikar, a city based healthy food  startup brand has been operating in the city in cloud kitchen format. The brand aims to provide its consumers a fine dining experience and has chosen Valentine’s week to treat its consumers. On this occasion, the brand organized an open air candle light dinner for couples at the breathtaking backdrop of Princeton Club from 10th February to 14th February.

 “We at Binge Baefikar celebrated Valentine’s week since 10th February at Princeton Club to provide an open air fine dining experience under candle light. At Binge Baefikar the mantra is to Khao Baefikar, Raho Healthy. We are sure couples are enjoying healthy yet tasty dishes to the hilt on this special occasion of Valentine’s Day,” said Anisha Mohta, Founder, Binge Baefikar.

Binge Baefikar has curated Valentine’s Day Special menu for health conscious couples that include Tomato basil Soup, Roasted Pumpkin Cinnamon Soup, Cauliflower Rice, Brown Rice, Gobindobhog Risoto Tangy Tomato, Fish in Chilli Honey Sauce,, Chicken 65 , Prawn in lemon garlic sauce, Mapo Tofu, Corn fed Chooza, hara piyaz curry to name a few.

The very name Binge Baefikar as it suggests, aptly serves the needs of those foodies in Kolkata who dont mind binge eating but want to shift to healthy eating thus enhancing their health quotient. It offers healthy alternative of popular food items across different cuisines with no compromise on taste. The gourmets can gorge on their favourite food as much as they want without thinking about their diet calories, glycemic index and Blood Pressure, courtesy Binge Baefikar.  The fare includes options which are free from gluten, butter, sugar and dairy. The brand has developed curated recipes for those following Keto, Vegan and Gluten-Free diets as well.

The Kolkata based start up operates through a cloud kitchen format with delivery only option. The brand cultivating healthier lifestyle by serving real food at an affordable price, would offer fare exclusively on platforms like Swiggy and Zomato to start with. Binge Baefikar also would start home delivery within 10 km radius of Prince Anwar Shah Road. Supporting Binge Baefikar’s mission “Healthy yet tasty food for Everyone” customers can also find nutritionist-verified recipes based on their individual dietary preferences.


About Binge Baefikar:

Binge Baefikar is a premium wellness brand that cultivates healthier lifestyle by serving healthy yet tasty food at an affordable price. Binge Baefikar, as the name suggests is the right choice for foodies and binge eaters who love to satisfy their hunger pangs with mouth watering snacks and dishes and at the same time would like to look for healthy option to keep their body fit and maintain perfect weight.  With the freshest salads which are extremely high in protein, ketogenic Pav bhaji which has less than 30gms of carbs, Gluten free Pizza with option of Vegan cheese, Burgers with the option for vegan cheese for lactose intolerant people, Gluten , sugar ,butter free& dairy free receipes and elaborate main course and sweet dishes, there’s something healthy for everyone. The brand also offers other regular multigrain dishes like different types of rotis and parathas along with chosen food items from across different cuisines like Italian, Chinese and Thai ones. The range of high protein smoothies with no wierd powder and salad bowls are bound to satiate the cravings of the connoisseurs of food. The brand also offers a variety of food items from gluten free stable that includes gluten free breads, gluten free cakes and gluten free cookies which contain no sugar, no butter or dairy.  The brand also introduced almond milk and kombucha in Kolkata market. While Almond milk is an excellent source of vitamin E, calcium & protein, kombucha is a miracle tea that has multifarious effects on health from ranging from boosting antioxidants to reducing depression and heart attack risks, detoxifying the liver, cleansing the gut and many more. As a responsible corporate, Binge Baefikar has pledged towards csr activities as the brand grows. Binge Baefikar also supports the use of eco friendly packaging. The company has been founded in November, 2019 in Kolkata by a young food entrepreneur Anisha Mohta who launched her start up and employs over 10 well trained chefs, nutritionist and employees. She contemplates growth of the brand by creating awareness about healthy yet mindful eating among target consumers. The motto of the brand is to serve the consumers with food that they crave, good for you. HIGH PROTEIN & CALCUIM –HIGH FIBER-LOW CALORIES, LOW CARBS.  Learn more at

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