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“Bangladesh’s Graduation from LDC: Prospects of Bangladesh- India Economic Engagement”

Bangladesh has become eligible for graduation from ‘Least Developed Country’ (LDC) category. Interestingly, it is one of the first LDCs to graduate on the basis for all the three criteria: GNI per capita, Human Assets Index and Economic Vulnerability Index. Fuelled by impressive socio- economic indicators such as infant mortality, life expectancy, health and education, lower vulnerability and an economic boom, Bangladesh is expected to leave the LDC category by 2024 and would be entering into the category of a ‘developing’country.

Bangladesh’s graduation from the LDC category is an important part of the effort le there would be some significant implications on the
2030 agenda for sustainable development. Whi omestic front, what would Bangladesh’s graduation process imply for India? How will the bilateral economic relations between Bangladesh and India be impacted with the new status of Bangladesh?In th is context, this joint seminar organized by the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Kolkata and the Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) in Kolkata would explore new dimensions of partnership between Bangladesh and India.

The program comprises thought leaders and industry of both sides to deliberate over strategies and mechanisms for reinforcing
from think tank bilateral economic relations between Bangladesh and India.

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