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Ward wiz brings the solution with their upgraded platform and software

Digital technology is enabling people to do and achieve a lot more than ever before; smartphones and computer systems are empowering everyone to make the most of their capabilities in today’s knowledge economy. But the power of smartphones and computer systemsis compromised due to a host of emerging software threats. Data theft is one of the major threats amongst these.

At any time of day or night, a huge amount of data is being stored, retrieved and transferred in the average company or organisation. As a responsible user, you must know how to protect your data and prevent data theft from mobile devices.

Ward wiz cares about the value of your data and thus they’ve brought their series of products that secures user data!

Manipulating user data is now a day is very common. All third party applications are gaining access to the details which were supposed to keep private! Firms like Facebook and whatsapp have deliberately failed the user expectations on security!

Ward wiz brings the solution with their upgraded platform and software that not only keeps user data safe but also secures you from spams and fishing activities.

Working for the awareness of Smartphone users; WardWiz has organised a meet on July 11th 2018 at Hotel Chanakya, Patna; where COO (Global) & CEO (India) Abhijeet Khot inaugurated the launch and gave his kind suggestion of how one can keep their personal data safe and secure.

To begin with, WardWiz isn’t just an antivirus brand. WardWiz was founded in the year 2013 in Germany. It’s an established brand in the digital security solutions arena in Germany, and has now traversed to India, bringing to its market; a system-essential security package for personal and professional use of mobiles and computer systems.It has been packed with tools and services that exceed the boundaries of virus protection to enhance system performance. WardWiz has its global head office in Germany and registered office in India. The headquarter of India is in Pune. Leadership team of WardWiz includes Mr.Harald Suender – C.E.O (Global), Mr. Abhijeet Khot – C.O.O (Global), C.E.O (India), Mr. Udo Engelien – Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Dipesh Thacker – Executive Director&Mr. Amol Jadhav – Executive Director.

In today’s Meet Mr. Abhijeet Khot has said that WardWiz understands that it takes much more than just Antivirus software to keep smartphones healthy and safe from unauthorized access.Hence, it does just that – offering anarray of features likeAnti-theft, Tracking and Recovery and much more along with an anti-virus. This ensures that your digital lifestyle is protected from unauthorised access. Thus, WardWiz is a powerful software as personalized digital security solution aka PDSS.


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